Help Peter get into the European Parliament

Peter Cranie, candidate for the 2014 European electionsPeter Cranie is an anti-racism activist from Liverpool working for a strong stable economy, new investment in jobs, skills and low-carbon technology, protection of workers’ rights and public services; urgent action on climate change and poverty, a foreign policy based on peace, justice and fair trade; safe, healthy food, and protection for our countryside, and cutting waste and pollution. Peter's standing for the European Parliament in June 2014.

Help Gina get into the European Parliament

Gina Dowding, candidate for the 2014 European electionsGina Dowding was elected in May 2013 to Lancashire County Council, is an active member of the Health Scrutiny  and Pensions Committees, and takes every opportunity to challenge the introduction of Fracking into the County. She is a former city councillor and cabinet member on Lancaster City Council where she had responsibility for leading key strategic policy, partnerships, and consultation with the community. One of her successes was getting Lancaster awarded Cycling Demonstration Town status attracting at least £1.5m extra funding into the city for cycling provision. She previously worked in Public Health in the NHS for 12 years, which involved health development advice in a number of settings, including universities and prisons, and work with the World Health Organisation.


Europe needs more Greens!

Sunflower and EU logo, symbol of the Greens in EuropeNorth West European Election in June 2014. Enough Green votes in the North West will mean an additional powerful Green voice in the European Parliament. Greens are concerned that the European Union must not become a super-state or global power bloc, but it should safeguard basic rights and peace and security to Europe, solve and prevent environmental problems, promote sustainable economies, reduce inequalities, support a rich diversity of cultures, and facilitate sustainable technologies and global co-operation.

(If you're looking for the Green Action Coop of Leeds University, here's a link)